Bathroom Remodeling

Remodel Your Bathroom to Match Your Budget & Style

Imagine walking across a warm stone floor in the middle of the night.   No, you’re not dreaming, we’ve just finished your bathroom remodel!  We can add radiant heat under any tile or stone surface.  We can recreate your shower to make it just like the ones in the high-end spas.  Not only will be it be aesthetically pleasing, but we can make it safer by eliminating the step-over curb.  Other changes we can make to your bathroom include a spacious jet tub and furniture grade cabinetry.

Adding Value with a Bathroom Remodel

There’s no question that bathrooms are very important rooms – and given that they’re one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, they can potentially add the most value to your home.  Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean having to gut everything.  There are many simple fixes that will add functionality and beauty to any bathroom, such as adding a custom mirror frame, replacing fixtures, and upgrading floors and vanities.   Whatever the need and whatever the budget, we can present options that will fit your taste and needs.